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Frank Michaud, the former training officer for the Billings, MT Fire Department decided he needed a new tool for fighting fires safely and efficiently. After researching the piercing nozzles on the market he decided that the tool he needed had not yet been built.

He turned to Wes Nelson, owner of ProFab Enterprises in Billings, MT. The result — one year and four prototypes later — is the Patented Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle, which quickly extinguishes fires in enclosed areas using a fraction of the water required by traditional methods.

Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle

Frank Michaud, from the Billings Fire Department, gives examples of the uses of this firefighting tool that pierces virtually any surface to put out a fire. The unique design of the Fyrestick allows a firefighter to safely place it near the source of the flames with one or two individuals. Steam production comes through the piercing nozzle at 80-100 GPM, and this targeted spray can kill the fire in much less time than axing through to attack the flames. Thermal imaging technology can be used to locate the source of the blaze, and the Fyrestick is inserted through a roof, concrete or steel to extinguish it. This device uses a reduced amount of water, causes less damage and is a safer method of fighting fires.

Check out the Fyrestick in Action


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