Common Uses

The Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle reduces the time spent in getting water on the fire with one pierce stopping power


With the flimsy roof construction of today’s houses it’s imperative to quickly get to the source of fires and get our firefighters off of the roofs to safety.

Fyrestick piercing nozzles provide one pierce stopping power when pierced through roofs, doors, walls, floors, and even foundation block to extinguish fires from attic to basement.

Wind Driven High Rise Apartment Fire

Tested on standard 3 1/2 inch thick concrete over 22 gauge steel. See our video where it only took 25 seconds to pierce through these layers of concrete and steel.

Underhood fires

The first thing to melt in an engine fire is the hood opening cable. With the Patented Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle you can simply pierce through the hood and extinguish the fire.

Mobile Homes

Use your thermal imager to find the hot spot and simply pierce the nozzle through the wall and never expose your crew to the dangers of entering a cramped hallway with equipment.

Body Shops & Garages

When a structure is known to be housing combustibles or dangerous chemicals, the Fyrestick Piercing Nozzles need only be lodged into a wall, door or roof and can be left unattended to do its work. It’s a much safer method of handling these dangerous areas.

Round Hay or Straw Bale Fires

We don’t have a video yet but we have many testimonials telling us that it works extremely well putting out these hard to extinguish fires when used with water or foam.

Works with Water or Foam

The patented Fyrestick works equally as well with foam or water.

Reduces Oxygen Entry

They can be left unattended without worry of movement or slippage. The Fyrestick nozzle creates a small hole at the entry point, virtually eliminating oxygen entry from outside sources.