Fyrestick makes short work of container fires

Fyrestick®, patented Piercing Nozzle / Container Fire Lance / Water Mist Lance makes short work slicing into a shipping container. The Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle fulfills regulations for container carriers according ABS FOC notation and SOLAS Resolution MSC. 365 (93)

In the above video you see how easily the The Fyrestick® peels the metal away when inserted into a steel shipping container and introduces a dense water fog inside the container quickly extinguishing the fire. In less than 13 seconds, the container is broken into with a small hole and dense water fog from the piercing nozzle will douse the flames.

Benefits of using our Fire Lance:

  • This container fire lance causes less damage to the transport box.
  • 13 seconds is much less time than it would take to cut into it with a saw or using a drilling machine.
  • Much safer than opening the door and introducing more oxygen into the container

In addition to quickly extinguishing container fires our fire lance can easily pierce through interior walls to quickly extinguish fires in cabins, supply and store rooms.

Fyrestick® allows a firefighter to safely install it near the source of the flames with one or two individuals. Steam production comes through the piercing nozzle at 80-100 GPM, and this targeted spray can kill the fire in much less time than axing through to attack the flames.

Thermal imaging technology can be used to locate the source of the blaze, and the Fyrestick is inserted through a container or interior wall to extinguish it. This device uses a reduced amount of water, causes less damage and is a safer method of fighting fires.