Frankton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

“This nozzle is of great design and a lot of thought has been put into it to make it “firefighter proof”.

Chicago Fire Department (CFD) – Mark Corter, Chicago Firefighter/Paramedic.

“The overall strength and non-complicated operation of this nozzle makes it a great tool for our high-rise building fire ground tactics when” plan A” will not work.”

Terry Weatherup, Deputy Chief, A.T.F.D.

The Fyrestick — “greatly reduced workload of the interior crews, reduced their exposure time in the hazardous environment and assisted with overhaul operations. ”

Rick Cortez III Blue Creek VFD Fire Chief

"The quality, construction and durability of this tool is above anything we have used in the past. We were extremely impressed and satisfied with the abilities of this tool so our department purchased two of the Fyrestick piercing nozzles."